Is There a Difference Between “Supplemental” and “Special” Needs Trusts?

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Have you heard the terms “special” needs trust and “supplemental” needs trust and wondered what the difference is? The short answer is that there’s no difference. Here’s the long answer: When the field of special needs planning began more than two decades … Read More

Can the Beneficiary of a Special Needs Trust Change the Trustee?

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The beneficiary of a special needs trust can never control or access trust funds – that is the job of the trustee. A common fear among beneficiaries or their families is that the trustee may not do what’s in the … Read More

Should a Parent Serve as Trustee of a Special Needs Trust?

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It is common for a parent to want to be named as trustee of a special needs trust benefitting her child, especially when the parent is the one creating or funding the trust. There are many reasons why this makes … Read More

Special Needs Trusts: Ensuring Continuity in Delivering Care to a Trust Beneficiary

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If you are the main person managing the care of the beneficiary of a special needs trust, have you planned yet for a time when you may no longer be able to perform this crucial role?  It is important to … Read More