Local Board Certified Elder Law Attorney Makes Fool of Self For A Good Cause…..Raising Awareness of & Funds to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

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A few months ago, a “generally respected” gentleman decided he would make a complete fool out of himself. Why? To raise awareness of & money for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease! Alzheimer’s disease is the nation’s sixth-leading cause of death … Read More

Why You Should Use a Lawyer for Medicaid Planning

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Many seniors and their families don’t use a lawyer to plan for long-term care or Medicaid, often because they’re afraid of the cost. But an attorney can help you save money in the long run as well as make sure … Read More

Always Put Caregiver Contracts in Writing

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When hiring a caregiver, it is important to put the contract in writing. Courts can be especially strict about requiring contracts when caregivers are relatives, but a formal agreement is still necessary even if the caregiver is not a relative.  A … Read More

The Complex Modern Family Requires a New Planning Model, Book Argues

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A new book suggests that planning for elder care and a loved one’s death are especially important for today’s complex modern families. In Homeward Bound: Modern Families, Elder Care, and Loss, the authors contend that the current approach to elder … Read More

The Use of Immediate Annuities in Medicaid Planning for Married Couples

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Immediate annuities can be a useful tool to protect the spouse of a nursing home resident who applies for Medicaid. These types of annuities allow the nursing home resident to spend down assets and give the spouse a guaranteed income. … Read More

What is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA), and Why Does it Matter?

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A CELA is a lawyer who has met the high standards required for certification as an elder law specialist by the National Elder Law Foundation. In order to attain certification as a CELA, lawyers are required to pass an elaborate … Read More