Understanding Charitable Remainder Trusts: How to Secure a Lifetime Income, Save on Income / Capital Gains Taxes & Benefit a Charity at the “End of the Day”

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Since 1969, countless families have used charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) to increase their incomes, save taxes and benefit charities. What does a CRT do? A CRT lets you convert a highly appreciated asset like stock or real estate into lifetime … Read More

Do You Pay Capital Gains Taxes on Property You Inherit?

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When you inherit property, such as a house or stocks, the property is usually worth more than it was when the original owner purchased it. If you were to sell the property, there could be huge capital gains taxes. Fortunately, … Read More

What Is Cost Basis and How Do You Prove It?

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Knowing the “cost basis” of your property is important for tax purposes, but proving cost basis can be difficult. Cost basis adjusts at death, so it is a good idea to appraise property when a joint owner dies. Cost basis … Read More